MCMC Spoken AKA Megan Chapman is a critically acclaimed performance word artist Inspired by the rap music of Eminem and using the media of poetry, rap, freestyle and spoken word, MCMC spoken uses her diverse skills and interests to communicate views and visions of the world both as she sees it and through the eyes of others. She writes to connect herself to people and them to each other, giving the unheard a collective voice to be shouted out on stage.
A Creative Writing degree course at University gave her the space and time to develop her writing and the opportunity to experiment with performance. Whilst at University she wrote and recorded works in Europe, became part of a hip hop band and experimented with sound recording, never afraid to cross boundaries and make work that defied labels of rap, hip hop, spoken word or poetry and instead choosing to dispel the limitations and continue to be an artist of words who liked to perform.
Since leaving University MCMC Spoken has gone from strength to strength, carving out her reputation as a poet, working with local producers and rappers to make hip hop tracks, hone her freestyling skills and perform at spoken word gigs both locally and across the UK and Europe.

Anna Murphy of Kneehigh Theatre writes, “Megan Chapman’s poetry is heartfelt and rhythmic. Playful and political, her Art is in the right place.”

A passion for youth work and facilitating learning through sharing her practice with others. MCMC Spoken is committed to delivering workshops around the UK to young people, allowing them to explore ideas and issues through creative processes, again giving a voice to the unheard.

Catch her if you can and let her rhyme, rhythm and delivery leave you breathless and thinking anew!

INSPIRED BY HEPWORTH / Bob Devereux, Cees Hiep & Jane Lofthouse

INSPIRED BY HEPWORTH is a collaboration between CNMG members:poet/librettist Bob Devereux, soprano Jane Whitehouse & composer/pianist Cees Hiep

Cees Hiep decided, after studying classical piano and composition, to dedicate himself to composing and performing his own music.

His works have been broadcast on the Dutch Classical Radio Stations, BBC Radio Four and De Concertzender. His scores are published by MIEV, Amsterdam.

Cees is fascinated, by the possibilities the piano offers, especially by opportunities to make use of the sonorities of the instrument. His work is characterized by the creation of overtones which are inseparably connected to his masterful use of the sustaining pedal. Critics have commented on the subtle and complex quality of these sounds. His music is judged to be ‘highly atmospheric.’

When he first visited St Ives in 1995 he fell in love with the town, the artists community, the landscapes the light and the sea. Since then he has visited regularly. He became a member of the Cornwall New Music Group (CNMG) which had been founded by composer /pianist Paul Hancock and he performed with this group in the BBC Music Live Festival 2000.
He has performed with Bob Devereux and Paul Hancock, in St Ives, Penzance, Camelford and at Dartington Hall.

Bob Devereux poet/librettist: Since 1980 he has collaborated with many classical composers: Christopher Brown, Paul Hancock, Rudi Martinus Van Dyke, Johnathan Lloyd, Bryan Kelly, David Briggs, Stephen McNeff & Cees Heip among them.

Bob visited the Hepworth Garden on the day that it was first opened to the public and he was moved to write about it. Many years later in 2003 he was invited to perform in the Garden. This led to him writing a series of poems about Barbara Hepworth and her sculpture. It is these poems which Cees has approached in a very original way.

Cees was in St Ives and came across the poems. He regularly visits the Hepworth Garden and began to think about the relationship between the garden and the sculpture. He had a dream in which he saw the overall structure of the composition. The poems are set in powerful musical rooms created for piano and voice (no words). He has called the composition INSPIRED BY HEPWORTH.

Jane Lofthouse/soprano has performed in a wide range of musical genres. Her operatic debut was a Third Flower Maiden and First Esquire in Wagner’s Parsifal. Other roles include Santuzza, Michaela in Carmen,Dido (Purcell) and Mum in Albert Herring. She has performed in most of the standard repertoire Oratorios and Masses and also has a wide repertoire of recital programmes. She co-founded the opera group The Company of Singers and Players which, among other projects, presented a Purcell Room concert profiling Mascagni featuring rarely performed arias and extracts from his operas. In the field of contemporary music she has promoted a number of composers both through her role as co-founder and Chair of the Cornish Music Guild and as a member of the ensembles Pleiad and The Cornish New Music Group. In 1991 she was honoured for her services to music in Cornwall by being made a bard of the Cornish Gorsedd.

La Lobba – Enchanting the Wild: Susan Taylor & Jade Moon

The poems are a summoning of the spirit of the wolf and represent that, often uneasy, border between humans and wolves, looking mainly at the positive benefit of wolves, as they have been, for instance, in Yellowstone Park. The wolves in La Loba’s pack are Mexican ones though, so the work strays into the domain of the colourful La Calavera Caterina and her magic. There is drumming, chanting and even some howling aboard this one!

Jill, Jim & Jazz, Philip Larkin: Rod Humphries

Jill, Jim and Jazz
A brief and informal look at quite a complicated character
Philip Larkin is of course remembered as being one of the finest poets of the 20th Century…
But; he also wrote 2 very fine novels:
“Jill” 1946, and “A Girl in Winter” 1947.although he intended to write further novels; he chose to develop his poetry.
However, his friend Kingsley Amis in 1954 published the highly successful novel “Lucky Jim.”
Larkin was hugely influential in the writing of this and Amis dedicated! the novel to him.
And; finally,…
Jazz! Only 2 pieces I promise!
He listened to jazz for most of his life and wrote extensively about the subject.
In one interview he said, “I can live a week without poetry but not a day without jazz.”

From Book to Film

From Book to Film

An interactive session with both director and author showing and discussing the newly-released film Heaven’s Rage, inspired by the trans memoir of the same name. The session will cover the creative and technical process of screening a book.
Excerpts from Theatre on Wax’s film can be found at
Details of Leslie Tate’s trans memoir can be found at
An account of making the film can be found at FROM BOOK TO FILM