Tir ha Tavas(Dave and Dee Brotherton),Mick Paynter, Bob Devereux and William and Tricia Thomas, capture sights and sounds, night fishing, tragic loss and lighter moments in words and music.

Megan Chapman

Since University, MCMC Spoken has gone from strength to strength, carving out her reputation as a poet, working with local producers and rappers to make the hip hop tracks which have honed her,freestyling, skills. She has performed at spoken word gigs both locally and across the UK and Europe.
Her gigs for 2017 are looking better than ever, including Glastonbury and the Port Elliot Festival.

Anna Murphy of Kneehigh Theatre writes, “Megan Chapman’s poetry is heartfelt and rhythmic. Playful and political, her Art is in the right place.”

Rapeseed a new novel by Alwyn Marriage

What are the consequences for a child conceived by violence? Rapeseed follows the story of Samantha, a bright young academic, investigating the psychology of the children of rape. However, Sam has a secret, and flashbacks throughout the novel explore how this affected her upbringing. With a serial rapist on the loose and Sam’s own search for her father becoming more desperate, her personal and professional lives begin to overlap. Various new contacts enter Sam’s life as her doubts about her work and her detective efforts increase, until she eventually finds herself in horrifying danger. Does anyone love her enough to save her from herself? ‘Rapeseed’ was shortlisted in the Cinnamon Novel Award, 2011 and was published by Stairwell Books in 2017.

“The first social science research-based thriller I’ve ever read.” Christopher Nuttall, former Director of Research and Statistics, Home Office.