Jill, Jim and Jazz! (Philip Larkin) Rod Humphries

A brief and informal look at quite a complicated character
Larkin is of course remembered as being one of the finest poets of the 20th Century…
But; he also wrote 2 very fine novels:
“Jill” 1946, and “A Girl in Winter” 1947.although he intended to write further novels; he chose to develop his poetry.
However, his friend Kingsley Amis in 1954 published the highly successful novel “Lucky Jim.”
Larkin was hugely influential in the writing of this and Amis dedicated! the novel to him.
And; finally,…
Jazz! Only 2 pieces I promise!
He listened to jazz for most of his life and wrote extensively about the subject.
In one interview he said, “I can live a week without poetry but not a day without jazz.”

Kenneth Price in Conversation with Ronnie Duncan

When Kenneth Price began to research his solo-show “W.S.Graham:Out of His Head”, the late Sir Terry Frost suggested he should speak to Ronnie Duncan if I wanted to know all about Sydney Graham; “Ronnie Duncan, he’s your man”, he said. Frost was spot-on and Duncan proved an invaluable and eloquent custodian of the Graham legacy, sharing rare personal recordings and a host of illuminating insights and anecdotes with characteristic generosity and enthusiasm.

“Kenneth Price in Conversation with Ronnie Duncan” will be an opportunity to hear the fascinating story of Ronnie’s life-long friendship with Sydney and also to hear a selection of his cassette player recordings of the poet, which vividly evoke the life and extraordinary times of of Greenock’s son, W.S.Graham.