Rapeseed a new novel by Alwyn Marriage

What are the consequences for a child conceived by violence? Rapeseed follows the story of Samantha, a bright young academic, investigating the psychology of the children of rape. However, Sam has a secret, and flashbacks throughout the novel explore how this affected her upbringing. With a serial rapist on the loose and Sam’s own search for her father becoming more desperate, her personal and professional lives begin to overlap. Various new contacts enter Sam’s life as her doubts about her work and her detective efforts increase, until she eventually finds herself in horrifying danger. Does anyone love her enough to save her from herself? ‘Rapeseed’ was shortlisted in the Cinnamon Novel Award, 2011 and was published by Stairwell Books in 2017.

“The first social science research-based thriller I’ve ever read.” Christopher Nuttall, former Director of Research and Statistics, Home Office. Read More


Neil Beardmore is a multi-talented dramatist, poet, musician, photographer and artist. He is a winner of The Sussex Playwrights Prize, the Richard Burton Poetry Prize and his play, Pristine in Blue, recently ran at the Milton Keynes Festival. Neil works with two drama companies, Pepper’s Ghost and The Play’s The Thing and helps run a play reading service with BBC director Rosemary Hill.
He reads from his new novel LEMON SEAS: Rich needs a rest from life when he arrives on Goa’s beaches, but it’s not to be. He’s quickly caught up with local police investigating the murder of a local dancing girl.
Neil says of the book: It’s been a lengthy process of draft and re-draft over several years to get Lemon Seas to where it is, and I can only hope that that reveals the dedication which has gone into shaping it as an authentic, pacey but enjoyable read, and one which weaves through an exciting backdrop; I hope it shows also the passion I feel for the country and the people. Several readers have told me they couldn’t put it down – words that make a writer’s heart glow!

There will also be a slide show about Goa, the novel’s location and an interview with the author.

Back Water-watercolour Neil Beardmore

After the interval Kelvin Bowers will read from his book,THROWING PLATES AT THE MOON. Artist, writer and runner Kelvin Bowers made headlines around the globe when he completed a 10,500 mile journey from Stoke-on-Trent to Sydney, Australia, on foot. There will be film of his run across India

Petroc’s Church: Birte Hosken

Birte Hosken, Petroc’s Church was published at the end of July 2016.

To get away from her busy life in London, Jen decides to spend her summer in Cornwall by the beach working as an attendant in the car park owned by her grandfather. During an unlikely encounter, Jen finds out more than she bargained for and has to keep Petroc’s secret to herself.

Birte will not only read from her book but will talk about the experience of getting it published.


Liz Kessler-Why you should never give up on your dreams

Photograph by Mark Noall

Local author Liz Kessler has written seventeen books. She’s been translated into twenty-five languages, appeared on the New York Times Bestsellers list and sold over five million books internationally. But the one that very nearly got away was her very first novel. Read Me Like A Book took fifteen years to get published. Find out why, and much more, at this intimate and informal evening with Liz. She will talk about her journey as a writer and will read from both this novel and her latest book, Haunt Me, which was inspired by six months of living in a spooky house in St Ives.

Voices of the First World War :Jenny Hill

A poignant cycle of poems by Jenny Hill, with a Foreword by General the Lord Dannatt Gcb Cbe Mc Dl, commemorating those who perished in the Great War, 1914-1918. It is inspired by a series of podcasts by the Imperial War Museum in connection with the First World War Centenary Partnership, 2014-2018. There is a poem for each of the podcasts, plus a closing poem of grief and reconciliation. The poems are illustrated by a series of sparse, haunting images from the pen of Ian Clark.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Janine Marie

How do we find or reacquaint with our ‘power within’ during those times in life when we find ourselves lost and can’t find our way back home?
This is my personal story of such a time, when as a first-year high school teacher I found myself gripped by an eating disorder.
I bring into play colour theory and use parallels from the Wizard of Oz, offering snippets and images that are familiar and fun in my story – My hope is you will leave my presentation feeling informed, motivated and above all, entertained!
The presentation gives the viewer a chance to go within — reminding us we are all on a personal journey of discovering who we really are. Our issues may be different and we may take different roads to ‘get home’’ but we share in common the desire find meaning, truth and beauty in our lives.

FEATHERS,Tim Cunningham with Adrian O’Reilly & Bob Devereux

Tim has had six collections of poetry published:
Don Marcelino’s Daughter (Peterloo Poets, 2001), Unequal Thirds (Peterloo Poets, 2006), Kyrie (Revival Press, 2008), Siege (Revival Press, 2012), Almost Memories (Revival Press, 2014) & The Lyrics to the Nightingale’s Song (Revival Press, 2016) .
He found a thrush’s feather,
Dipped it in a meadow
And penned a sonnet
He found a linnet’s feather,
Dipped it in a stream
And penned a ghazal.
He found a blackbird’s feather,
Dipped it in the sky
And penned a villanelle.
He found a swallow’s feather,
Dipped it in the sunset
And penned a ballad.
He found a skylark’s feather,
Dipped it in starlight
And penned an ode.
He found an eagle’s feather,
Dipped it in the sea
And penned an epic.
He found a barn owl’s feather,
Dipped it in time
And penned an elegy.
Failing to find
A nightingale’s feather,
He plucked one,
From its wing.
That was the poem
That refused to sing.


Neil Roper is both poet,playwright and translator.

His first major work was a bilingual book of poetry entitled “Monde Mers/Firmament of Seas” which sold out. It was published in two editions by Poesie Vivante, Geneva.

Other translated works were from Italian and Russian,.the latter one “Childhood” by Vadim
Andreyev, son of the famous Russian dramatist, .Leonid Andreyev. That covered the years
1904 to 1919.

He writes equally fluently in French and English .and has published original work in leading French literary periodicals. For “Monde Mers/Firmament of Seas” he was awarded the Grand Prix d’Édition,

The Thief’s Daughter: Victoria Cornwall +Free Speech

Eighteenth-century Cornwall is crippled by debt and poverty, while the gibbet casts a shadow of fear over the land. Yet, when night falls, free traders swarm onto the beaches and smuggling prospers.
Terrified by a thief-taker’s warning as a child, Jenna has resolved to be good. When her brother, Silas, asks for her help to pay his creditors, Jenna feels unable to refuse and finds herself entering the dangerous world of the smuggling trade.
Victoria Cornwall will read from her new book and talk about her approach to publishing. After an interval there will be a Free Speech session.


Miranda Sykes
Miranda Sykes, the acclaimed singer and bassist with ‘Show of Hands’ is returning to her roots. After a career spanning over 20 years, during which time she has played with many of the top musicians and singers within the folk world, she will be touring as she started out; one woman, one bass and one guitar.

Borrowed Places is a project that draws it’s inspiration primarily from the songs and landscapes of her native Lincolnshire but seen through the eyes of someone who has lived away for many years. The themes are not specific; the land changes, it grows, it shrinks, it adapts and it resists but most of all it lives and breathes.

With her sensational voice, and accompanying herself, Miranda interprets the soul of the land and takes her audience on a journey that resonates with us all, wherever we live and it is one you won’t want to miss.

Sunday 14th May 2017

tickets £14.00 from Dave Brotherton – daveinstives@hotmail.co.uk or 01736 799305
Limited seating book early

Poetry & Music in the Square

This is the first event in the 2017 St Ives Literature Festival. It will be a platform for those poets who have been writing A POEM A DAY FOR APRIL, but all all poets musicians and song writers are welcome.

St Ives Literature Festival 2017

This years festival takes place 13th – 20th May 2017

This year’s festival programme is almost complete and is looking very exciting. Make sure to book early for Miranda Sykes and for the Big Frug, as they will sell out

2017 Events Tickets at the Arts club and Cafe Art.

if you have photos or videos of previous years let us know!

norway square

performance in the spring sun


KamaJoin Captain, Sir Richard Burton, translator of the world’s most famous book of love and Godfather of the sexual revolution, for this hilarious no hole barred parody. A comic take off and send up with animation, film and performance lecture, which both exposes and covers everything. Bring your smelling salts.

Kenneth Price in Conversation with Ronnie Duncan

When Kenneth Price began to research his solo show, “W.S.Graham:Out of His Head”‘ the late Sir Terry Frost suggested he should speak to Ronnie Duncan if he wanted to know all about Sydney Graham;”Ronnie Duncan, he’s your man”, he said. Frost was spot-on and Duncan proved an invaluable and eloquent custodian of the Graham legacy, sharing rare personal recordings and a host of illuminating insights and anecdotes with characteristic generosity and enthusiasm.

“Kenneth Price in Conversation with Ronnie Duncan” will be an opportunity to hear the fascinating story of their lifelong friendship and to hear a selection of Duncan’s cassette-player recordings which so vividly evoke the life and extraordinary times of Greenock’s son,W.S.Graham.

Free Speech @ Cafe Art

A feature of this festival and the St Ives September Festival. Bring your poetry and stories and share them @ Cafe Art.

W.S.GRAHAM :OUT OF HIS HEAD A play by Kenneth Price

Kenneth Price’s solo performance is inspired by the letters and poems of the mercurial Scot who left Greenock in 1943 to make a fresh start, “living in a caravan in Cornwall, lonely and by the sea.”
Describing himself as “Maimed for the job” of poet, Graham shared a precarious existence with his wife, Nessie Dunsmuir, surviving on nettle-soup, borrowed money……and the occasional “skull toucher”.
W.S.GRAHAM: OUT OF HIS HEAD examines the nature of his extraordinary commitment. His letters to friends, such as the painter John Minton and the St. Ives artists Ben Nicholson, Roger Hilton and Sven Berlin reveal his heroic, sometimes hilarious struggle for survival, whilst his poems, with their disarmingly conversational tone, carry a wealth of startling insights and chart his creative exploration “On the other side of the words”.

The Big Frug 2016

A very popular event. Poets , Storytellers, Songwriters, Musicians and Jugglers. Expect the unexpected

Booking in advance is necessary.
tickets available from

Free Speech

A feature of this festival and the St Ives September Festival. Bring your poetry and stories and share them.